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The degree program provides the broad foundation in physical, life, and social sciences needed for a career or graduate study in environmental science and. With a major in Environmental Science through a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (BSES) degree, you will study the environment and look for. This Lincoln University degree will give you a firm grounding in all relevant sciences that relate to the natural environment. You'll learn about the impacts of.

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In the first two years of the Bachelor's degree programme, students learn the basics of chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, earth sciences and. As an environmental science graduate, you could be working in urban, rural or remote settings depending on your interests. Graduates are equipped to assess. Our Environmental Science Degree Program is a broad-based interdisciplinary major which includes foundation and advanced courses in geology, chemistry and.

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Both Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees prepare students for a wide range of careers in environmental science. The B.S. places greater emphasis on. Throughout the Bachelor of Environmental Science (Environmental Management and Sustainability) you will explore ways to manage the interaction between. Our BSc in Environmental Science applies a broad interdisciplinary perspective to understanding how the world works, enabling us to tackle pressing issues such.