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By simply touching this touch dimmer switch you can increase the light intensity of incandescent lamps in three steps. Initially, when mains switch is on. Sep 19, - offers to you wide range of energy saving dimmers and lighting control products with Designer glass Touch and Remote. 3 level touch dimmer with a 10' power cord, a 12" touch lead a quick connect, and a 60" extension w/ spade terminal. Available w/ (1) 24" female.

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The touch dimmer switch is mainly used for control all electric lamps and led strips. In AliExpress, you can also find other good deals on switch! Smart dimmers flick on or off like a regular switch but can make your light It also lets you program the dimmer to react based on how you touch it—so a. Smart Dimmer Switch, Single-Pole Touch Switch, WiFi Light Switch for Dimmable LED/Bulbs, Work with Alexa/Google Assistant, Remote Control.

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Bright Image Corp offers the most convenient and energy-saving Touch & Glow brand of Dimmers & Switches. These comprise of the widest selection of Touch. Our Touch Dimmer ranges operate by simply touching the faceplate as opposed to pressing or turning the knob of a conventional dimmer switch. This has the. The sensor switch (touch) works by touching the sensor that turns the lighting on or off. The additional function of the switch is dimming or brightening the.