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More than just an international volunteer program, VP Bali provide opportunities to empower local Balinese communities through free English classes. Fall in love volunteering with Bali's rescue dogs and cats for an unforgettable holiday experience. If you love animals and want to have a truly rewarding. Asssit staff at local dog rehabilitation centres in Bali, where your help is needed · Bring along a caring attitude to love and care for these abandoned dogs.

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Bali Animal Welfare Association works to save and protect animals in Bali. They campaign for animal rights and effective animal welfare laws and their. The volunteer programme can accommodate a maximum of 7 volunteers at a time. Most volunteers come from outside Bali and stay at the site where there is. As a volunteer you work every day with another animal keeper, so in the end you know next to all the keepers also all the animals. You help the keepers with.

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Do you want to volunteer to help an amazing variety of rescued animals View Program. We are talking about ethical projects that don't compromise the health and wellness of animals. Bali has projects that focus on turtle conservation, street dog. If you would love to work with animals, this is a great project! By volunteering at the Iberian Wolf Recovery Centre you will make sure these endangered species.