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Photocopying and printing facilities in our libraries. This means, if you want a colour A4 document, email to the email address that has colour and A4. Colour photocopies or printouts from online items or microfilm, Photocopy or printed scan of items by staff to access items in another location. Photocopy machines and printers are located in: Clemons Library (4th floor); Charles L. Brown Science & Engineering Library (main floor); Fine Arts Library.

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Although a large volume of colour photocopies and inkjet prints are produced every day, comparatively little is known about their behaviour in different. Paul Branch and Main Branch; Colour printing is available at the Main Library only; Printing directly from a USB stick can be done at our photocopiers. Information on how users can photocopy, print and scan items when using our libraries. Size, Colour type, Single or double sided, Cost.

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Printing and Photocopying Services. Printers and Photocopiers are available at all Dalhousie Libraries. Photocopying is available in Black & White only; Colour. Colour printing is not currently available. How to pay. To pay for printing and photocopying, you need to add money to a copycard account. You can do this. Each of our Snap Centresacross Australia uses the latest colour photocopying technology to faithfully reproduce your documents with deep, rich colours.