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Freeze Dryers / Lyophilizers SP Scientific provides the unique collaboration of three well-known commercial freeze drying brands - VirTis, Hull, and FTS. This. Federal Equipment offers used industrial equipment like this Sq Ft SP Scientific Hull Lyophilizer Freeze Dryer. Get a quote now! Wide variety of freeze dryer and lyophilizer Direct chamber, flask, and/or rack drying capabilities; PLC-based Omnitronics TM controller.

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Discover the freeze dryer product range of SP Scientific. LyoConstellation Development & Pilot Freeze Dryers provide the largest process space in their. Manifold style freeze dryers use freeze drying flasks to lyophilize your samples. They do not freeze your samples, so you will need a shell bath or an ultra low. HOME > Products > Freeze Dryers / Lyophilizers > VirTis Freeze Drying Equipment and Lyophilizers > General Purpose Freeze Dryers. Print; Share.

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SP's Line of SightTM approach provides a breakthrough suite of freeze drying equipment, with scalable lyophilization technologies and process analytical. VirTis Freeze Dryers and Lyophilizers. VirTis is one of the most established freeze dryer manufacturers in the world. Combined with FTS Systems, the SP. Biopharma Technology and SP Scientific will be combining resources and expertise to offer US customers a comprehensive package of freeze drying products and.