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They determine the future levels by examining the past price movements and trading volumes of stocks and indices. Using price charts and trends, they predict. Technical analysis or charting can be split into 2 schools. The oldest form of analysis is pattern recognition which is based upon human behaviour and history. Discover 16 trading secrets that can help you beat the market, figure out how to read a standard bar chart and interpret a candlestick chart.

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Technical analysis is the most widely used method of analysis by private traders on the stock exchange. It is based on the study of historical prices and. Technical analysis assumes that the market knows all the key fundamental information about a company which is factored into the current price. Many investors analyze stocks based on their fundamentals—such as their revenue, valuation, or industry trends—but fundamental factors aren't always.

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Technical Analysis is the forecasting of future financial price movements based on an examination of past price movements. Like weather forecasting. Technical analysts believe prices move in short-, medium-, and long-term trends. In other words, a stock price is more likely to continue a past trend than move. Technical Analysis helps identify trading opportunities using actions of Market Participants through charts, patterns, and indicators.